They say that great ideas are easy to come up with but the way to carry them out is long. That’s why we have prepared for you – people who will come to us, fly in, or even arrive by the lift for that matter – prepared an oasis of peace in the very centre of Prague, where your eyes and your taste buds 
will be pleased by the view of the selected delicacies. Welcome and have a taste of our selection of specialties.

Have you chosen your first item from our beer menu? You haven’t finished yet! Great beer should be accompanied by a chunk of a steak or some other goodies. Bring your friends for lunch and choose from three meals, or come for dinner – be sure you’ll never se the same meal twice here. We are creative enough to bring you a new menu every week.

T-Anker offers up to 100 kinds of bottled beer from all over the world. On the tap we offer up to nine types of beer, while the offer continuously changes so that we can give a chance more brands to shine – all this with a beautiful view of Prague’s Old Town.

Is it hard to choose the right beer for you? Ask our trained professionals who will help you find the one you wish. Just tell them what you expect from 
the beer.

Every restaurant these days must be approved by children – all dads and mums know that when kids are happy, they are as well. That’s why we have prepared a kindergarten-style children’s playground. Your kids will have fun in a house, on a swing, or a slide. Calm kids may start to draw or colour in colouring books at the table. Or build something from Lego blocks.