In our shop you can find handbags, briefcases, suitcases, and Samsonite bags, wallets, document cases, etuis, belts, umbrellas, key cases, manicure sets, and other accessories from Czech and Italian manufacturers. Shoes and accessories by CROCS.

CrocsTM CrocsTM, an American foot wear brand founded in 2002, has been available in the Czech market since 2006. The original idea was brought to life when three friends from Colorado were sailing from Mexico to Miami and were thinking of a perfect shoe for such conditions – slip-resistant, water-resistant, odour-resistant, comfortable, and functional. CrocsTM have gone a long way since then. The original clog design is still well-liked while the newer designs are gaining their popularity. The unique features of Croslite material also apply to flats, rain boots, winter boots, or sneakers. What are CrocsTM made of? CrosliteTM is proprietary closed-cell resin material. It is not plastic nor rubber! Its structure prevents bacterias or mycoses from development; the material is naturally antibacterial and odour-resistant. The resin material is exceptionally shock-absorbing (it has been proved that wearing CrocsTM lowers muscle tiredness by 62% compared to having bare feet). CrosliteTM is not toxic; it’s easy to clean – either with soap and water or in a washing machine at 30 degrees Celsius.

Why CrocsTM shoes? CrocsTM shoes are lightweight, slip-resistant, comfortable, fashionable and functional. They also are ergonomic, have non-marking soles, the material is antiseptic. These features make CrocsTM perfect shoes for people suffering from various health problems such as arthrosis, back pains, problems related to diabetes, or various injuries. Additionally to being comfortable they support foot arch, foot bed nubs support blood circulation, heel area is specially reinforced so that it doesn’t deform. CrosliteTM also moulds to your feet. All these features apply to tens of models for any weather and occasion.

Samsonite Samsonite, travel luggage world leader, has prepared several new models for the summer season to make your holiday travelling even more pleasant. We offer suitcases, bags, backpacks, laptop sleeves, and many others. Samsonite uses cutting-edge technologies, high-quality materials and thus makes your travelling more fun.

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