Ječmínek Bakery was founded in 2001. It is based on a long tradition of bread and pastry making. The production of yeast bread here is made from natural rye yeast. Every day, the master baker personally checks its quality. Baking of the popular Škvorecký loaf and other types of bread takes place in a stone oven. This traditional production process gives the bread an excellent taste and quality.

When making pastries, we also preserve the traditions of our ancestors' master bakers. The cold and long rising (24 hours) of the buns gives them an unmistakable taste, excellent quality and long lasting freshness. The production of delicacies and some pastries takes place directly at the shop. This guarantees the constant freshness of the products on offer. Our team has only one common goal and that is a satisfied customer who will always find fresh and tasty products in our shops.