A revolution in nail care!!

With one of our perfect manicures you will feel self-confident. And ladies, self-confidence acts like a magnet because it’s just sexy! Do not be afraid to be sexy and have a perfect manicure which to others will make you look like a perfect woman who is always wonderfully smart!

We use the very best products on the market! Our favourite brands are O.P.I., CND SHELLACand IBN. We want the best for you and we buy products from certified distributors. We have the widest choice of colours that we’re always adding to! Do you want special nail art? Anything is possible, bring a photo or picture with you and we will create it for you! We love nails and we like to experiment, so don’t hesitate to ask!


Services provided: 

  • application of artificial eyelashes
  • eyebrow modelling