Dance it up with us!

Do you want to learn how to dance or just relax to the dancing rhythm? Then you are in the right place. Come and dance in the newly renovated luxury dance studio COOL DANCE in the center of Prague in the KOTVA department store on the 4th floor.

We have prepared a wide range of dance classes for you as well as fitness circle training, yoga, pilates and other activities. Our specialties are standard and Latin dances.

All age groups, from children to youths and adult dance couples to seniors, will come into their own. We have not forgotten the courses for mothers and women who want to dance alone without a partner. Our patient lecturers will be happy to teach you how to dance and you will have a great time and have a lot of fun. Don't worry, we can teach everyone how to dance!

Would you like to reserve a place for a dance class? Take a look at our, where you will find all the details about the courses. Don't hesitate, the number of places is limited.

For those who want to devote themselves fully to dancing, we run the sports dance club COOL DANCE. We prepare dance couples for dance competitions in sports dance. We rank among the most successful dance clubs in the Czech Republic and boast several titles of Czech champions. Anyone can dance with us, whether you have top ambitions or want to dance for pleasure, always with a professional attitude. In any case, you will always find a friendly atmosphere and a great collective.