We offer the possibility of short-term and long-term parking in the center of Prague. Use the non-stop covered underground car park in Prague 1 with a capacity of 350 places, where you pay CZK 60 / hour for parking. Part of the offer of parking services is also the possibility of purchasing discounted packages - from monthly to annual parking in Prague 1.

You can also use VIP parking zones, night parking in the center of Prague for 30 CZK / hour or manual car wash. The parking lot of the Kotva department store is constantly guarded by a monitoring system and is thus as safe as possible for your car. You can park with us at any time of the day or night.

Just set the date and time of your parking and make a payment from your bank account via internet banking. You will immediately receive a parking card in your e-mail box, although the money will actually arrive at the account of the parking operator, even later.


For more detailetd information about parking call +420 723 575 240

The maximum height of the vehicle for the underground car park is 1.9 m.

For information about rental of long-tem parking: vlasta.kudrnova@psn.cz, +420 224 801 303

Offer of parking services Prague 1 OD Kotva


Hourly parking - DAY 08.00 - 20.00 60 CZK incl. VAT first hour, then 60 CZK incl. VAT every other started hour. From payment 15min. reserve until the exit from the parking lot!

Hourly parking - NIGHT 20.00 - 08.00
30 CZK incl. VAT - every started hour. From payment 15min. reserve until the exit from the parking lot!

Long-term parking - classic parking
CZK 5,500 + VAT / month / 1 parking space.

Long-term parking - VIP parking in a separate garage
CZK 8,000 + VAT / month / 1 parking space


Pay for parking via SMS


Send the mobile payment code from the parking ticket (example: KOa1j2bxe87) to 90206

Parking price 60 CZK / hour. Fee for SMS payment 10 CZK for each paid hour. Order SMS according to the customer's tariff. To use, it is necessary to have a SIM card of Czech mobile operators with the Premium SMS service activated. For payments over CZK 100, you must confirm Yes. Tax document at  www.parking-sms.cz .


Payment by card - Visa, Mastercard, CCS


Scan the QR code or enter mpla.cz/ko in your browser to find out the price - > enter the code from the parking ticket -> confirm the payment

MPLA payment fee of $ 3 to $ 5 for each hour you pay. Payment card must have internet transactions enabled. The tax document is sent immediately after payment to the specified email. Payment by card is provided by MPLA s.r.o.

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