Tuesday, 4. 10. 2016

A Memories exhibition has opened on the third floor of the Kotva department store, featuring world-renowned photographer Robert Vano exhibiting only his colour photographs for the first time. A total of 74 images are the photographer's personal memory from 1968 to the present. At the same time, a more comprehensive book of the same name is coming out as well.

"For the exhibition, we decided to use only a specific selection from the book - and that was my colour photographs. I photographed part of this collection in New York, Paris or Milan, where I have served over the course of my career," says Robert Vano, who prepared the exhibition lasting until 8 January 2017 for several years firstly only as his Polaroid memorial book.

"When I started preparing the book of memories, I had to go back to a huge pile of old pictures. Each of the photos in the book and in the exhibition is full with emotions, coming from inside me, that's why I chose them... I took the Polaroid photo because the photo was visible right after the it was taken. It was a similar effect to people taking pictures by their phone today. I wanted to transfer what was seen on paper right away and capture the emotion of that moment," Vano adds.